Dubai City View
Dubai City View

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Welcome to Gilt-Edged Lifestyle Consultants, where we help you design the lifestyle you innately have the ability to create; we just help you get there. Trista Simpson is and Expert Level Certified Life Coach that has an exceptional view on today's global lifestyle. With a BA in Business Administration (TQM Certification),  a Master's in Education with and emphasis in Diversity and Inclusion on a global scale, and knowledge and training in both Andragogical and Pedigogical education and training principles, one can rest assure you will be in the safest of hands. Trista has trained Life-Coaching/Self-Actualization and Diversity Equity and Inclusion, on three Continents and some of the most influential cities on the globe. Cities including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Vancouver, Madrid, Sevilla, San Juan(PR), Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax and 48 of the 50 United states including Alaska, Hawaii, Utah, Palm Beach, Florida and New York. Trista has helped train thousands of people and major organizations to help them better their individual lives, companies, and organizational processes. Let her inspire you and/or your organization today.